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Adam is the Club Secretary of 9byIWC and the ‘IWC Schaffhausen (IWC) Co-Founder’ in conjunction with Grant Wilson. As Club Secretary, Adam is responsible for operationalising the inception of 9byIWC, providing strategic direction to the current Founding Members Students through regular club committee meetings and ad-hoc advice, and is the point of contact for additional students wishing to join 9byIWC as a new member.

Adam’s passion for mechanical watches is linked to his interests in design and collectable objects, and for products which provide respite in an increasingly digital World. Within the IWC line-up, the Portugieser represents Adam’s favourite product family. In his role as Club Secretary, Adam will also be helping both current and new members produce passion-driven content, through access to resources at IWC and beyond.

Outside of the watch industry, Adam’s interests lie in art, wine, fashion and tennis. Prior to joining IWC, Adam’s background is in Corporate Development and Mergers & Acquisitions. He studied at the University of Bath (UK), Queen’s University (Canada) and Lund University (Sweden).